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As specialists in contingent, exclusive, and mini-RPO recruitment — our services give rise to valuable opportunities

Recruitment packages tailored to the needs of your business

We understand that every business is different. This is why we’ve made it a priority to ensure that every company we work with has the freedom to choose how involved they want us to be. 

Whether we’re taking full charge of your recruitment activities or are just there for strategic support, our services are something you know you can rely on.

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Our recruitment packages for companies in the construction, driving, and industrial markets:

  • Contingent & Exclusive Recruitment

    Whether you need us to take complete control of your recruitment efforts, or you just have an open position to fill — our expert team will be on hand.

  • Mini-RPO

    We can be flexible in driving talent acquisition forward with the skills you need, as you need them. From job ad insights to candidate management, we know how your industry works.

Focusing On

Prioritising Client Relationships

At the start of the year we were interested to see what our LinkedIn network saw as the biggest driver of growth in the next 5 years for recruitment companies.

Watch our Head of MEP CAD Recruitment Tom Evans discuss the results of the poll and why he will always consider working in close partnerships with clients the priority.

The right people to help your industry prosper

After speaking with our recruitment consultants, you’ll understand why we differ from other recruitment agencies. We’re not just interested in matching the right candidates to the right roles, we’re interested in helping companies in key industries reach new heights.

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